Hello and welcome Husky fans,

I am Augustin Ionescu and with my wife Roxanne we have a small kennel - "OF WOLF POINT" - located in Bucharest, Romania. I started my kennel in 1993 with German Shepherds. But meeting Winner Of Iditarod Cora "TUNDRA" (a very sweet Husky female) I realized soon that my real love is the Siberian Husky. Now, after 7 "Husky years", I have in my kennel 4 males and 6 females - all show dogs. I breed selectively so I have only 3 - 5 litters per year. The puppies I produce are manly show dogs, as quality, but also pet-dogs, as temperament. This means that when I sell puppies, primarily I' m concerned that they become happy dogs and only after that show winners. Also I am very selective in what concerns the type of Siberians Husky I am breeding. I like, and I try to produce, the type very well angulated (font and behind), with good movements, sweet expression, well-balanced head (a rather strong muzzle). Even if this type is not always "en vogue" in Europe. Of course, being a veterinary I'm always concerned to produce "hip- and eye-sound" dogs.

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