I am Augustin Ionescu the owner of the kennel - "OF WOLF POINT" - located in Bucharest, Romania.
I started my kennel in 1993 with German Shepherds. But meeting Winner Of Iditarod Cora "TUNDRA" I realized soon that my real love is the Siberian Husky. Now, after 15"Husky years", I am proud to say that in my kennel are born:
1 x World Junior Champion
1 x World Puppy Champion
1 x European Junior Champion
Best Junior Europe 2003
1 x European Puppy Champion
6 x European Junior Vice Champion
16 x International Champions

Wolf Point dogs are present, with excellent results, in shows in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Italy, Austria, France, Italy, Finnland, Poland, Brasil, Koreea and Philippine.

I'm also judge for II, III, V, VII, VIII groups
Very special thanks to all my friends that are making the Wolf Point Star to glow
Mephisto:2xCACIBxBOB,RBOG in Bucharest shows, Arowan:Austria Club Winner 2009 !
New females in our kennel: Salsa and Blondy! pictures of Deania, Salsa and Blondy
Another succes of "Vida" -La Vita e Bella of Wolf Point : ARGENTINA CHAMPION !
La Vita e Bella of W.P.- Uruguian Champion ,Best in Show & no.1 husky of Brazil